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Frequently Asked Questions


How to delete a sold vehicle?

It is the seller's responsibility to remove sold vehicles from the website. In order to delete the vehicle, Login to your account and select the 'Delete Vehicle' function located to the left of your vehicle entry in the CarZ Manager

If you've lost or forgotten your password, you can retrieve it from the Login page (click the 'Lost Password' link.

How to change the price of my listed vehicle?

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Login to your account (CarZ Manager), and simply change the price of the vehicle in the provided text box


  • On the CarZ Manager page, click on your vehicle, then click 'Edit' link located on the right.

How long will my information be visible on the site?

When a listing is placed on the site, it will remain active until marked as sold. Because of this, we ask that all users who place a listing remember to log back into their account when the vehicle is sold.

My recently listed vehicle does not appear in the search.

In an effort to limit the number of incorrect listings appearing on the site, every new listing is vetted by CarZ staff before being displayed. In most cases, this will probably happen within 30 minutes of placing your listing, however, depending on the time of day and volume of listings it may take longer. If within 24 hours your listing has not appeared on the site, please contact us to ask why.

Lost Password or Username

Already have an account with us, but no longer have your password? No problem, you can retrieve it here.

Reporting Suspicious Behaviour

Every care is taken by CarZ staff to validate all listings appearing on our site. In an effort to make the site as safe as possible we appreciate any information alerting us to false or misleading comments or representations anywhere on the site. If you see any such behaviour, please contact us, quoting as much detail of the incident as possible and our staff will investigate the matter immediately.

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