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We are a registered business that specializes in exporting used cars from Singapore to New Zealand.

1) We do not sell lemons.
Our cars are in good condition. We will highlight any cosmetic insignificance before you buy.
2) The interior smells like a new car.
Interior is vacuumed and steam-cleaned. Leather, vinyl, plastics, rubber are polished and treated against ultra-violet.
3) The exterior is at showroom condition.
Under-carriage and engine bay are jet-washed, body is polished.

1) All communication and paperwork are in English.
No characters and symbols to decode.
2) We own the cars that we sell.
In Singapore, the registration is the property title to the legal owner. We are liable until the car is shipped. Buyers communicate directly with us and not brokers, middlemen and auction sites.
...“Does my blue child-seat match the seat fabric ?” ...“What's the RPM at 80km/h ?”
Well, we will go for a drive and tell you. We can provide the answers because the cars may just be right in front of us.
3) We supply the technical data for the car.
Some manufacturers' representation cannot or will not issue the Statement of Conformity, a document required to validate the car. We will supply the technical data, saving the buyer between $700 and $1000 for the SOC.

1) Buyer expresses interest to purchase by paying 10% of the purchase price.
2) We will put the car on the ship bound for the port of your choice.
3) Buyer pays the balance of the purchase price plus the freight charges.
4) We will supply all document: ownership, technical data (statement of conformity), odometer reading, freight, invoice.

We are currently seeking business partners in South Island.
Please write to us to enquire.

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